Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Green Screen

Computer Graphics have indeed changed the filmmakers productivity. Not a single film today is made without the support of fine computer graphics. If you think Peter Jackson built a set while shooting his magnanimous trilogy, it is time you become familiar with high res green screen backgrounds.

Green and blue screens have been used by filmmakers for many, many years and they are a common practice when sets are difficult to create. In fact, it has made the filmmaking process so much easier that small budget filmmakers do not longer scout for locations. Green screens backgrounds, especially the high resolution ones used for digital filming, allow producers to cut costs by shooting in front of a chroma screen and then conveniently change the background.

Using a screen has many benefits for digital photography. The most important one is the freedom to create what one wants. Most visionary directors have brilliant ideas that seem difficult to recreate on film. But with advancements in technology and excellent computer graphic support, master filmmakers shoot hours of film digitally against green screens while creating their masterpiece work.

In addition, today there are a number of software available that provide filmmakers with a variety of background options to choose from. They can shoot their footage and pick a background of their liking and superimpose it on the footage shot. This helps in cutting costs with regards to creating sets and paying for locations as well as paying enormous amounts of money for creating customised computer graphics.

Green screen backgrounds are not only used while making films. They are also abundantly used by photographers all over the world. Digital photography exploits chroma screens to create great backgrounds and settings that may be difficult to replicate in reality.

The process is similar, except the software used is different. There are a variety of background packages that photographers can choose from to make their photographs extra ordinary. Jungle setting, beach fronts, mountain tops, whatever the need be, is available or can be created through computer graphics.